How Much is a BBL in Austin TX 2024

What is a BBL Photofacial?

How Much is a BBL in Austin TX
How Much is a BBL in Austin TX

BBL (broadband light) photofacial is a non-invasive treatment using laser technology
to rejuvenate skin. This procedure can treat sun damage, brown spots, rosacea,
small facial vessels and acne safely and effectively.
After their BBL procedure, patients will need to wear garments for two weeks post
surgery and avoid sitting for long periods while wearing this clothing.


BBL photofacials offer an alternative to more invasive laser resurfacing treatments,
using broadband light to target imperfections on your skin and encourage it to
regenerate itself. The procedure is painless; your practitioner will apply topical
numbing cream so that you feel completely at ease during and immediately after
your appointment. Brown spots and pore size will decrease while skin tone improves
over time.
Brazilian butt lifts can be an effective way to achieve fuller, rounder buttocks with
prominent projection. This procedure uses your own body fat as the source for
additional volume and projection – creating stunning results even on slim women.
However, this procedure should not be seen as weight loss solution and you should
maintain an active and healthy lifestyle following treatment.
Beaux Medspa is committed to helping you look and feel your absolute best. We
specialize in facial and body plastic surgery procedures for residents in Austin,
Lakeway, Westlake Hills, Dripping Springs and the surrounding Texas region.


BBL (Body Contouring Laser) is an FDA-approved, safe alternative to surgery and
other skin resurfacing laser treatments that utilizes your body’s own fat stores to
add volume and projection to the buttocks. Recovery usually takes just weeks after
receiving this procedure; results last long-term while painless analgesia may be
needed before beginning.
Liposuction will be used to extract excess fat from specified areas of your body.
Once collected, it will be processed through a centrifuge before being injected back
into strategically-placed buttocks injection sites.
The procedure can help you realize a figure that better expresses your inner beauty,
making it an attractive option for patients in Austin, Westlake Hills, Dripping Springs
and Central Texas who wish to add substantial volume to their buttocks.

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BBL laser treatment is an FDA-approved noninvasive laser solution designed to
safely address numerous skin concerns without surgery or major resurfacing lasers.
Utilising broadband light technology, this FDA-approved procedure can address sun
spots and damage, brown spots, rosacea, spider veins, acne and more; making BBL
suitable for all skin types and tones.
Elite Body Sculpture can easily be found at Bridge Point Square Business Center
along N Capital of Texas Highway. Furthermore, Elite Body Sculpture’s convenient
location near downtown Austin, Westlake Hills, Dripping Springs and Central Texas
make this medspa a convenient place to visit.
Brazilian butt lifts are an increasingly popular way to add volume and projection to
the buttocks, via fat injection from other parts of your body. Although a safer
alternative than plastic surgery, they still carry some risks; recovery usually requires
two weeks after treatment is completed so planning ahead is essential.


BBL (Bottom Body Lift) surgery uses your own natural body fat to achieve the shape
and volume you desire. As this is a minimally invasive process, there will be no
discomfort during or after your procedure – in fact, an anesthetic topical agent will
be applied prior to beginning the process to ensure a pain-free experience.
BBL results are long-lasting because natural fat cells will not be permanently
damaged. You may need to wear garments post-procedure, and may be instructed
not to participate in activities that put pressure on your buttocks such as exercise.
Searching online will give you more knowledge of different kinds of fat transfers, but
be mindful that search data reflects not just total queries but also proportional
searches related to each procedure – for instance rhinoplasty includes searches
related to nose jobs while breast augmentation involves searches related to breast

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