How Much is a BBL in Colorado?

If your backside leaves something to be desired, a Brazilian butt lift could provide
more natural curves. Performed through liposuction using your body’s own fat cells
instead of implants or synthetic fillers – which reduces risks over time and ensures
lasting results.
Prior to beginning this procedure, candidates should be at or close to their ideal
weight. Dr. Millard has even successfully transferred fat from thinner patients into
his practice.

How Much is a BBL in Colorado?
How Much is a BBL in Colorado?

Costs of BBL in Colorado

A Brazilian butt lift can be an excellent way to add curves to your bottom. This
procedure removes unwanted fat from the area while simultaneously reducing
cellulite for a more natural shape. Cost can depend on several factors, including
surgeon experience and expertise, type of anesthesia used and facility fees; so it’s
crucial that you find one who will provide results at an economical cost.
BBL treatments are noninvasive and do not require downtime, making them an
attractive solution for anyone looking to enhance the look of their skin without
surgery. BBL works by gently heating upper layers of the skin to stimulate changes
in complexion. In addition, it destroys fine vessels causing redness while targeting
melanin in pigmented lesions resulting in clearer and vibrant skin; making this an
attractive option for people with uneven skin tone or sun damage.
Before receiving BBL treatments, patients must refrain from spray tanning and other
at-home tanning products for at least four weeks to ensure long-lasting results. In
addition, it’s advised that patients drink plenty of water during this period.
BBL treatment can be safe for almost everyone, though it’s important to discuss
your goals with your physician beforehand to make sure it’s the best choice for you.
If you’re interested in Brazilian butt lift surgery, reach out now to set up an initial
consultation with Dr. Francesco Campanile; he is happy to answer any queries and
explain all associated costs as well as evaluate your health and fitness levels to
make sure it’s the best treatment option for you.

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Costs of BBL in Denver

BBL is an innovative skin rejuvenation treatment that repairs sun damage and stops
signs of aging before they appear. This state-of-the-art laser therapy helps reduce
hyperpigmentation, visible facial veins, redness and blotchy skin as well as uneven
tone; and can improve texture while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. At our
Denver medspa we offer several Sciton BBL services such as Forever Young BBL to
combat acne while decreasing pore size.
BBL treatment offers immediate results with minimal downtime. Unlike some other
skin lasers, the BBL laser does not require extensive downtime – in fact it is often
described as lunchtime treatment without the need to take time off work for it! You
should avoid sitting or applying excess pressure to your bottom for two weeks
following the procedure; to minimize pressure it is suggested sleeping with a pillow
between legs or kneeling when performing daily tasks to relieve pressure on this

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area; short walks and light stretching exercises may help decrease swelling and
increase circulation.
An ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift must be in good health, possessing enough
excess fat to create desirable curves and provide enough contour. Your plastic
surgeon will advise you accordingly during your initial consultation.
At our Denver medspa, a BBL procedure is performed under local anesthesia for
your comfort. Although there may be slight discomfort from having the device used
on your skin, this should not hurt more than rubber bands snapping against it –
because the device uses cooling mechanisms that ensure maximum patient
After having undergone a Brazilian butt lift, full recovery can typically take six
weeks. To minimize complications during this time, it is essential that patients
strictly follow all post-surgical instructions issued by their doctors; such as refraining
from sitting on or placing unnecessary pressure on the area and wearing
compression garments to reduce swelling.

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