How Much is a BBL in Dr? Reasonable Price

How Much is a BBL in Dr? 

BBL (Bottock Lift Liposuction) is an alternative cosmetic procedure that utilizes body fat from patients to increase buttock size, less invasive than butt implant surgery and more natural-looking. BBL surgery must be conducted by an experienced plastic surgeon; therefore it’s important to select one carefully. 

Cost of Brazilian butt lift can vary significantly depending on the surgeon and treatment goals, in addition to medications and compression garments that must be budgeted for.


How Much is a BBL in Dr?
How Much is a BBL in Dr?


Diet and exercise alone may not be enough for those who want to achieve a natural looking fuller butt, and for them the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) may be an alternative solution. This cosmetic procedure uses your own fat to recontour your hips and buttocks into an hourglass shape; creating larger or smaller curves depending on desired results that last over time. 

Under this two-step procedure, the surgeon removes excess fat from another part of the body (such as abdomen, flanks or thighs ) with power-assisted liposuction before injecting it back into buttocks to improve shape and projection. For best results it’s essential to select a qualified plastic surgeon with experience conducting many BBLs prior to this one and obtain before-and-after photos from previous patients as proof. 

Although BBL is generally safe, its risks increase significantly when performed over the gluteal muscle due to surgeons entering anatomically risky zones where fat may easily enter the bloodstream and block major blood vessels. 

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Compression garments 

The best garments are those constructed of breathable fabrics with antibacterial properties to help prevent infection and speed healing. In addition, they should fit comfortably against your skin without being irritating. 

Compression garments should be worn 24/7 except during showering to promote circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots, which can migrate to the lungs and lead to pulmonary embolisms. By preventing formation in surgical sites, compression garments can help mitigate this complication and save you from further medical complications. 

Patients typically wear their garments for six weeks post-surgery; however, this varies between individuals. It’s essential to follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding its duration; avoid massaging the area as this could damage fat cells. In general, approximately 20-40% of transferred fat will be absorbed by your body as healing takes place; this is completely normal. 

Surgeon’s fees 

Though cost should always be taken into account when considering surgery, cost shouldn’t be the sole determining factor. Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery can give

women a “coke bottle” figure but must only be performed by qualified surgeons – otherwise there may be harmful side effects from unqualified practitioners. According to plastic surgeons from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons there are multiple reasons why any BBL procedure must only be carried out by experienced practitioners; fat transfer process could endanger bloodstream and major blood vessels when performed by novice surgeons; see American Society of Plastic Surgeons for further explanation on this point. 

Cost of BBL Surgery Dependent Upon FactorsSurgeon fees and type of anesthesia used will all have an impact on its final price; generally speaking, general anesthesia (which puts patients to sleep during surgery) tends to be more costly than local anesthesia, which simply numbs the area being targeted. Clinic or hospital fees could also add extra expenses which affect pricing significantly. 

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Cost of Brazilian butt lift varies based on several factors, including surgeon experience and reputation; typically those with multiple board certifications charge more. Patients should consider other costs like consultation fees, medication and post-op care materials when making this decision. 

At the core of every BBL surgery is liposuction: to gather donor fat from various parts of the body and purify it before injecting it into buttocks – an integral step for creating the desired shape and size of buttocks. 

Brazilian butt lift results are typically long-term; however, transplanted fat cells remain susceptible to changes in weight after their transplant. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain a stable weight after your procedure by refraining from smoking and eating healthily; additionally massage is not advised in order to protect the transplanted cells.

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