How Much is a BBL in Kansas? 

For optimal fat cell survival following surgery, the initial two to six weeks are of paramount importance. Prolonged pressure may damage them; to ensure their success they must establish blood supply first and remain undamaged by any prolonged pressure. Therefore, doctors advise only sitting when necessary with a BBL pillow in use. 

Plastic surgeons that offer rock-bottom breast augmentation costs should raise alarm bells; it could indicate they operate an “unlicensed chop-shop” practice and don’t use reputable surgical facilities. 

How Much is a BBL in Kansas? 
How Much is a BBL in Kansas? 


BBL costs depend on factors like a surgeon’s location and facility fees; liposuction may also play a part in this procedure and add considerably to its total price tag. 

Cost may also depend on whether or not your surgeon offers additional cosmetic procedures, such as breast lift or tummy tuck, in combination with buttocks augmentation to provide fuller hourglass curves. If additional surgeries are performed during one appointment, their costs could increase considerably as will BBL costs. 

Brazilian butt lifts are elective cosmetic procedures and typically not covered by health insurance plans like Medicare or Aetna. Plastic surgeons do not consider it medically necessary and the IRS does not allow patients to use health savings accounts funds for cosmetic surgery, though many qualified plastic surgeons provide zero-interest patient financing plans for various aesthetic procedures. 


Dr. Millard provides the Awake BBL technique so you can achieve the body of your dreams without suffering an extended recovery timeframe. 

Practitioners apply a cooling gel to numb the area before running the BroadBand Light (BBL) laser over it. This machine emits wavelengths of light that penetrate deep within your skin to target pigment, such as sun spots, age spots or rosacea 

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lesions – this process helps remove those stubborn pigments sloughing off to reveal clearer, healthier-looking skin underneath. 

After your procedure, you will receive detailed instructions on how to care for your skin at home. It is especially important to heed these directions if you had a BBL photofacial; generally speaking, sitting or using a BBL pillow until instructed is best due to newly transplanted fat cells lacking an established blood supply and can become damaged from pressure. 


Travel may add costs associated with BBL surgery; be sure to factor in expenses associated with anesthesia and follow-up appointments as well. 

BBL (buttock fat transfer) surgery is a safe way of cosmetically altering your body,

using fat from donor sites through liposuction to transfer to multiple layers of buttocks for added fullness and shape. Your cosmetic surgeon will purify and inject this extracted fat directly into each buttock layer for maximum fullness enhancement. 

After receiving BBL treatment, it is essential that for three weeks following surgery you avoid sitting or lying on the affected area; during week four only sit with a pillow as this will protect newly implanted fat cells from too much pressure. Furthermore, compression garments and eating healthy may speed up recovery time. 


While some patients choose to save up and pay for their bbl surgery in cash, plastic surgeons typically offer various financing options, including in-house payment plans, medical credit cards and personal loans. Rates and terms can differ significantly so it’s essential that prospective patients compare all available financing solutions before selecting one. 

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Due to cosmetic classification, most insurance providers do not cover Brazilian butt lift procedures; however, certain policies may provide coverage. Before going under the knife for one of these procedures it is wise to discuss it with both your provider and surgeon to assess your specific circumstances and needs. 

Interested in financing your bbl procedure cost-effectively? Consider using a medical or rewards-based credit card; these cards offer flexible monthly repayment terms with no interest charged – ideal if your debt management skills allow for efficient debt service and no excessive interest charges. Furthermore, some plastic surgeons provide zero-interest patient financing, making your procedure possible without breaking your budget.

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