How Much Is A BBL in Louisville Ky? 

If you’re seeking cosmetic correction treatments, consult with an experienced plastic surgeon in your area before scheduling any procedures. A consultation will help determine whether the procedure you desire is the best choice for you, while providing you with an idea of what the process entails and what results can be expected during treatment. Make the beauty you imagine come true through surgical or nonsurgical solutions available through us! 

How Much Is A BBL in Louisville Ky? 
How Much Is A BBL in Louisville Ky? 

Sciton BBL/Hero 

Sciton’s Forever Body BBL HERO represents an innovative breakthrough in broadband light technology. Four times faster and three times more powerful than traditional IPL, making it an effective treatment for pigmentation and sun damage on both face and body. Safe for Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI use, this groundbreaking device offers fast relief for redness and dark spots caused by pigmentation issues. 

Broadband Light treatments utilize heat to break down unwanted pigment and encourage your skin’s natural healing process, creating smoother, clearer and younger-looking skin. BBL HERO treatments are great ways to tackle solar lentigines (sun spots or freckles), melasma (dark discoloration of the skin), vascular conditions like rosacea as well as large pores with uneven tone or texture; it can even help reduce fine lines and wrinkles with no downtime involved! The process is quick, painless with no downtime! 

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) 

IPL treatments employ high-intensity flashlamps and filter systems to produce polychromatic light energy that specifically targets certain skin conditions. IPL can treat freckles and sun spots, age spots, skin pigmentation issues, rosacea, visible blood vessels (telangiectasias), and unwanted hair growth among many other conditions. 

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Patients will experience redness similar to a mild sunburn immediately following IPL treatments, which should subside within several days. Sunscreen should also be applied frequently after treatments to protect the area treated and extend results of IPL therapy. 

Contrary to laser skin rejuvenation, IPL only targets the second layer of skin without damaging its epidermis, thus reducing peeling and scabbing and speeding healing and recovery times. Furthermore, it has proven its worth at treating blepharitis by stimulating meibomian glands to produce more oil for tears that reduce dry eye symptoms; several treatments should be given over several weeks for maximum cosmetic benefit; their safety has been confirmed through extensive use and clinical trials. 

Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation, commonly referred to as a “boob job,” can be an effective way to enhance the size and shape of your chest, improve body confidence, and feel more balanced. Dr. Kurkjian will guide you through selecting an implant of

appropriate size, shape, type, and placement that meets your unique goals during your initial consultation. 

At your surgery, you’ll be sedated or under general anesthesia and an incision will be made either under or around your breast, in the nipple/areola area, armpit (axilla), depending on what works for you best. Dr. Digenis may use either saline or silicone implants and will suggest an appropriate surgical technique to insert and place them. 

Through use of techniques such as the Keller Funnel, changing gloves before implanting implants and employing triple antibiotic solutions to irrigate pockets and decrease risk of contamination, Dr. Dvorak can lower the chances of capsular contracture – hardening of scar tissue surrounding your implant that could occur over time – significantly. 

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Liposuction or liposculpture may help you reach your ideal body. Liposuction enhances these healthy lifestyle choices by eliminating pockets of stubborn fat from areas like hips, outer thighs, upper arms, belly and flanks. 

At our body sculpting clinics, our surgeons use cannulas (thin tubes) to extract excess fat from your body through surgical liposuction procedures tailored specifically to meet your needs and goals. The type of procedure selected depends upon which techniques best suit the patient. 

After treatment, your body will likely feel swollen and bruised. To reduce swelling, wear an elastic support garment as prescribed and take oral painkillers as directed for discomfort management. 

Before surgery, we advise patients to stop taking any medicines that increase your risk of bleeding such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Smoking must also be avoided for as long as possible in order to help avoid blood clots that could potentially lead to serious complications; occasionally a seroma (fluid collection under the skin) needs draining off as well.

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